Nordic Aliens – Pleiades Star Children – Vynilyn

Adrianna Vynilyn holding Yamaha

February 19, 2021

By adrianna

Adrianna is a Nordic blonde, a type of extraterrestrial that comes from the Pleiadian Star System. In ufology, Nordic Aliens are humanoid extraterrestrials who come from the Pleiades who resemble NordicScandinavians. She has the typical Nordic alien features which are blonde hair, blue eyes, and high cheek bones. Nordic aliens are benevolent beings, and love nature and the preservation of the health of planets. One of the many reasons  Nordic aliens come to Earth is so that they can convince all of the Earth’s creatures to live in harmony and to honor their home planet. Adrianna is typical of Pleiadian starseed, as she can use telepathy and telekinesis to communicate and manipulate the objects around her. She plays the violin in Vynilyn as a way to communicate peace and  love

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